Three hundred years after Jesus was crucified by the Roman rulers . . .

. . . there were groups of his followers scattered around the Mediterranean, the first genuine Christian            congregations. 

The rulers had to find some way to control them because they were independent and could become a danger to the power if they became many. An efficient method was found to get them under control. Instead of killing them, they were offered support, and the Catholic Church was founded "to support Jesus teaching." But their real plans were something very different.

In addition to getting the Christians under control, new opportunities for genocide were created.  The Bible was edited and Jesus' teaching became the New Testament. Small but important changes were made, Jesus was promoted to be the only Son of God, a true superman, the only prophet through which it was possible to come to God! Simultaneously, man was downgraded to being mere dust. "thou art dust, and to dust shalt thou return," which is extremely absurd. Better had been: "from your creator's consciousness you have come and to there you shall return between your lifetimes on earth."

By Elevating Jesus to the Son of God

and the Pope to God's representative on Earth, tensions were created towards other religions, which were declared fake and demonic. Thus, the rulers had created new targets for their blood-thirst and turned away the attention from their own demonic character. The road of religious wars and crusades had been opened, people of other religions were to be killed.

The elite needs wars, and murder, and their enjoyment preferences can be seen at their amusement arenas where people had to face lions to be torn to pieces.

Wars always makes the power class wealthier and they harvest a lot of energy for their black souls from all the pain emanating from suffering and death in the battlefields.

No other religion has put into system killing people. Buddhism teaches, as Jesus did, love and peace. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, killed more than 10 million people in the Inquisition starting in the 13th century and ending late in the 19th century. In addition it has injured hundreds of thousands of children for life through the pedophile of their priests, a characteristic of the perverse forces ruling the world.

Nevertheless, they have managed to deceive many gullible Christians to accept the papacy as God's branch on earth!

The Church Removed True Spirituality

that existed in Jesus' original teaching. Methods of developing and refining spiritual power were to a large extent available in the far east and the Church wanted to prevent knowledge of it to spread among Christians. Therefore, Christianity was converted into a strictly formalized doctrine, where real spirituality was removed. Instead of teaching a personal relationship between the individual and the creator, it became an organization of power and violence.

They taught that other doctrines were of the devil and should be destroyed, something that is still believed in gullible Christian groups.

The reincarnation principle was excluded from the Bible.

There were several reasons for them to remove the subject from Jesus' original teaching, but traces can still be found of it, such as his words to the disciples, "Everyone who believes in me will be able to do the wonders that I have done, and even greater wonders." (X)

Obviously he meant in their future incarnations when they had gained sufficient wisdom to understand and were able to use the laws of nature. They did not make any wonders during the time they were his disciples. But he indicated that development was an inevitable human principle.

Without Knowing of Our many Lifetimes

it becomes impossible to understand how our souls learn in different bodies and in different life situations. Without it, we can't understand that life is fair and gives all souls just the experiences each one deserves and needs.

Jesus appeared in the temple in Jerusalem where he discussed with the priests when he was 12 years old. After that he disappeared and was not seen until 18 years later. The official church history says that he worked as a carpenter and fisherman during this time, which would have been utterly strange work for this highly charismatic man with a great task as a teacher for the world's people. He would certainly have been heard from, during these 18 years.

By Contrast, Indian historians wrote in detail

about a master named Issa who came to India from the west at a time fitting well with Jesus disappearance from his homeland. (X)

Jesus spent the 18 missing years in Kashmir with various masters, acquiring the knowledge of doing the wonders he became famous for after returning to his homeland. The Indian designation for those wonders, like walking on the water, materializing things, curing sick people and other seemingly miraculous things are called Siddhis and are known since long back in time. A person who is spiritually sufficiently developed can learn to master them, mind's victory over matter.

When we understand that all matter is made of thought energy, not of any small, hard particles, they become less supernatural. Therefore, Jesus could say that what he did would also be possible for the disciples to eventually do.