The world needs a university for life and peace!

This peace project includes an education program teaching the most important knowledge of all, the purpose and meaning of life. It's amazing that present education system never taught about that. But the explanation is natural, the claim of mechanistic science that there is no meaning to life. This has been a disaster for humanity!

Schools and universities have taught that only matter is real, and that man has no soul. We have been told that no higher intelligence exists and that the world was not created but has come into being through a primordial explosion when the empty space exploded and created everything by pure chance!

All of this is absurd. It depends on the fact that those who designed what we must learn belong to the category of people who have been our rulers throughout our existence on Earth. Education in schools and universities has aimed at misleading us, to consolidate their mechanical world-view and to strengthen the present materialism.

We call the underlying force evil, but it could also be called the deceiver. It works against our development which is necessary for better control and to make sure that humanity will not revolt against them.

But from a higher perspective it's pushing humanity to eventually acquire their own true knowledge.

When we free ourselves from false knowledge, the dark forces can't survive.

Fake news brings so much opportunities to them to keep on ruling the world.

With proper knowledge, a new phase of human history begins, the phase of spirituality and real, true life!