Science has finally proved that intelligence is the source of creation! Chance can be excluded for good.

One of the founders of quantum physics, Nobel laureate Max Planck expressed this with great clarity at a lecture, where he said:

  • All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.

A dogma, still dominating western thinking, tells that only matter is real, everything else is superstition. It is the only accepted view at all universities of the world!

But Einstein's comment on matter was:

  • With respect to matter, we've been all wrong. What we call matter is energy whose vibration has been lowered so that it becomes visible to our minds. There is no matter!

Consciousness is the innermost characteristic of our living universe!

It created all matter, and keep all electrons of the atoms rotating. It means that it knows everything that happens in the universe! and is in full control of every atom where ever it is!

The consciousness of the universe is found in animals, plants and in everything else (because everything else in the universe is also conscious).

The termite, a relative of the cockroach, builds its houses with climate control, making them able to be active when other insects are exposed to cold or dehydration. But the termite has no consciousness of its own and no intelligence of its own that can explain their expertise in building engineering. However, it is connected to the consciousness of the universe. So they are conscious, but their consciousness is "borrowed" from the universe. That's what controls its actions.

Also a tree is conscious from the same source of consciousness. If the leaves of the tree are attacked and eaten by insects, it sends out smell signals calling friendly insects to come to it's rescue. (X)

This knowledge of consciousness, should be taught at schools. Instead, our civilization's  knowledge system, the mechanistic science, claims that consciousness is produced by the human brain. Lots of important research is suppressed by the forces of darkness, who want to keep their misleading mechanistic science for humanity to believe in!

The Climate Issue is Irrelevant!

Our planet Earth is also alive and conscious. The planetary system is not mechanical but organic. Of course, the consciousness of the universe, its creator, also regulates all variables of the planets according to its own plans and keeps the temperature where it should be!

This makes the whole climate issue irrelevant!

It's an example of the many lies that makes it possible for the power brokers to continue ruling the world. It's also one of many alarm bells pushing people to wake up.

This type of misconceptions keeps going on in many areas, because the basis for the interpretations of nature are wrong!

The universe can't be described by mathematical or mechanical formulas. Those only apply to mechanical units, and such do not really exist in our living universe.

The Princeton PEAR Study

Of all studies showing that consciousness is a fundamental feature of creation, the largest one was done at Princeton University in the US from 1979 to 2007. Its significance is extreme, because it shows that the basic assumptions of the Mechanistc Science are wrong.

The subject was proposed by a student who wanted to investigate if it is possible to influence different types of apparatus by mind power. Professor Robert Jahn, who was in charge of the University's School of Engineering, thought it was a strange request, which of course would not show any relationship at all, but he thought it would work well for the student to learn design a proper scientific study. Therefore, he approved her proposal.

The study was scheduled to be completed in one year, but it went on to last for 28 years! 10-million tests were made with mechanical, electronic, optical, acoustic and other devices and hundreds of people participated in the tests. It showed something that was absolutely unexpected, that human consciousness can affect these devices in a way that can not be explained by the mechanistic science model. The study was so extensive that the probability the results were due to chance were less than one in one trillion (1 in 1,000,000,000,000).

This means the probability that the basic assumptions of the mechanical science are correct is also less than one in one trillion. Thus, we can conclude from this study alone that mechanistic science is based on erroneous assumptions and therefore are not acceptable to be our only kind of science. (X) (X)

Such an important discovery should have been breaking news in TV and newspapers and discussed at all universities, because it changes humanity's view of the world and shows the old assumptions about life to be wrong.    

Instead, it has been silenced and "forgotten" by media and all major scientific journals. To publish such truths would be to acknowledge that our mental capacity extends beyond our minds and isn't limited to our body, something that they can't do. Their flawed world-view is needed for their survival.

Dr Rupert Sheldrake studied telepathy of dogs, using two video cameras. (x)

When the dog's mistress left home in the morning the dog was alone waiting in the house. After some hours in town meeting with friends, she decided to go back home, and exactly at the moment she decided to go home, the dog walked over to the door, waiting for her. He now knew she was coming home.

This can not happen according to the theories of mechanistic science, but it happened every time of the experiment and it happens all the time, not only with animals, but also with people, especially with people who are related to each other, such as a mother and her child. 

Insights like this, proving mechanistic science wrong are dangerous for the lives of the dark forces and not taught at schools and universities.

Studies like the PEAR  and Dr Sheldrake's, have largely had to rely on alternative magazines for their publication which "serious" scientists are not expected to read. Those who know of such "dangerous" studies are often keeping their mouths shut about what they know, at least until they are retired.

A changing world-view is a deadly threat to the forces behind the planned eternal wars

The Global Consciousness Project

This ongoing project shows the existence of consciousness in the universe.

Sixty random number generators placed around the planet continually produce random numbers. At the time when some events take place, affecting people emotionally, such as the death of Princess Diana, the 9/11 disaster or the opening ceremony of the Olympics, they show some degree of synchronicity. This can be read on the curves drawn by the devices and are independent of human interpretation.

The project shows that collective emotional changes in large groups of people can affect the outcome of independent random numbers. The randomness is governed by changes in collective consciousness and ceases to be random during those periods. Human feelings affect what is happening in the material world! 

Claims made by the Mechanistic Science

  • Matter is all that exists, everything else is superstition
  • • The world has been created in a great explosion, without any cause or purpose
  • • Man has no soul, and there is no purpose or meaning to her life
  • • Man has developed from the monkey, according to Darwin's theory
  • • Man lives only one life, then it's all over.
  • • Consciousness is only created in the human brain

All of it is wrong!

  • Matter does not exist.
  • The world did not emerge from an explosion but was created by a conscious mind process.
  • Man has an immortal soul and lives many lifetimes to gather experience and learning. Darwin's evolution theory is scientifically proven wrong.
  • Consciousness is not created in the human brain, it is the ground state of the universe.

Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Darwin's theory of evolution has long been the flagship of atheism. It states that all forms of life were
developed through natural selection from a first living cell that occurred by chance.

This was already proven to be scientifically impossible when the complexity of the DNA molecule was settled. It turned out that even a simple cell's DNA program would require 100 million pages to print out. Only an extremely high intelligence can create such an incredible program, millions of times more complicated than all the world's programmers together could achieve. Chance is completely ruled out. An atheist knowing of this incredible fact can't possibly remain an atheist. It would make him a fool.

Mutations take place sometimes but do not contribute with any new intelligent information, which would be required to create new species. Nor do any half-developed species exist as fossils.

Big Bang, the Magic Act of Mechanistic Science

It says that first nothing existed in the universe. Then this "nothing" exploded and everything was created, out of nothing, and for no reason.

As everyone can understand, this is not science. It does not even qualify for being called Science Fiction. The Big Bang theory should have ended here. A scientific theory can not be built on an empty fantasy! But instead, a whole cosmology has been built around it, to further consolidate the atheistic worldview.

And those "findings" have remained truths at all universities of the world. The reason is that truth can't be allowed to enter education at the universities. Evil depends for its survival of humanity's ignorance.

It is the mechanistic science that is leading us away from the truth and allows lies to continue ruling us, with further wars and destruction as a result. Destruction of the world will continue as long as the world's population is indoctrinated by lies and fake "truths".

Schools and universities need to convey truths, nothing else.

Hans O. Lidgren's test of Gravitation

Hans O. Lidgren is a Swedish civil engineer and former researcher at the Department of Physics, of The University of Lund. When his young son wanted to build a perpetuum mobile, he wanted to prove to him that those can't work. In his review of the theory he found that the gravity constant could not be a constant but must be a variable which was directly proportional to the temperature. (X)

Lidgren had difficulty believing in his own conclusions and asked the Physics Institution if he could make some testing. His request was declined why he bought his own equipment which he installed in the basement of his house. He made tests at different temperatures, and his theory was confirmed.

The University's News-Magazine LUM, wrote

  • Gravitational experiments puzzling
  • In 1995, LUM wrote about civil engineer Hans O. Lidgren in Sjöbo. He had an advanced gravitational wave at home in the hobby room which did not work as a well-balanced gravitational meter should. And it still doesn't. Recently Hans Lidgren's experiments were discussed at a seminar. None of the physicists who attended the seminar were able to find an acceptable explanation.
  • Hans Lidgren claims that gravity is an electromagnetic phenomenon and therefore bodies can be attracted to light and heat. Lidgren works with a Cavendish equipment consisting of two equally heavy lead balls suspended in an aluminum arm. The balls can only move sideways and moves if a third mass is present. But each time Lidgren lit the shuttle with a spotlight, it also moved towards the light source.
  • LUM's article made some of Lund's physicists upset. They believed that the heat from the light source created convection currents in the air. Consequently, Hans Lidgren, bought his own vacuum chamber for the experiment. The result was the same!
  • We can't explain this, says university lecturer Per-Olof Zetterberg, who also controlled Lidgren's experiments in 1995.
  • One theory is that the pendulum is influenced by the magnetic field formed around the heat source. We have experimented with permanent magnets, but then the gravity meter does not respond. The strange thing is that Lidgren's experiments can be repeated over and over again. Also in the vacuum chamber holding a very high vacuum.

Constants can't describe life!

It is not surprising at all that gravity is not a constant but varies with temperature. But it would be extremely surprising if there are any constants at all, describing living organisms.

The image of man will drastically change when consciousness gets back its central role in creation. Everything will be turned up-side down and our static image of life will change into a video. And the video will show us that the universe in breathing. It is breathing in and breathing out. If our unreliable mechanistic science is correct, it is expanding right now meaning it is breathing in.

The breath itself could be a method to gain energy, just as our own breathing is for giving us energy.

Wars is the voice of the Creator talking to us, saying;

  • Wake up now humanity! Through all times you have allowed "evil" to control you and to cheat you. It has hindered you from developing your infinite possibilities. 
  • Evil has stolen from you the meaning with your life. To work, make money, watch TV and sleep is not the meaning with your life. The real meaning is to develop your divine capacities.
  • But instead your life has become a battle for a career and for making ends meet. It doesn't have to be like that! There is plenty for all of you. Wake up now and see what's going on.
  • It's time for you to understand what it means to be human. You are not a random creation, but you are as much a God's son as Jesus ever was.

At the most basic level, we are the same life, you and I!

  • If you look deep inside yourself, all the way down to the innermost consciousness of your own being, you will find the source of your life. You will find me!!! Your life is an expression of your creator. Allow his life to flourish through your veins, and express your own personality!
  • You must understand that I can't accept that your civilization survives when you have not yet managed to remove evil from your planet. It is with great sorrow I have to accept its destruction. But it's for your own best! Living under a dictatorship, ruled by evil wouldn't be nice, I can tell you that, it must be avoided!
  • Try to understand that life is about something far more than being entertained on the TV couch. It is about being elevated to higher and higher levels of development. I want to share my consciousness with you to 100%, not only as now, to a small percentage.

If we get rid of evil, amazing things will happen!

  • The wars will end! All diseases will be cured! (That's possible already today, but present medicine is a monopoly of the Rockefeller-Carnegie business medicine, designed to avoid healing anyone.). It's a disgrace that it has become a business.
  • Your economy will no more be limited, what you want to do, you can afford.  No one percent of the population will confiscate your money?
  • Drug abuse will disappear and abusers will get meaningful lives without any humiliation.
  • No one will decide over you, any longer. You are a free human! 

Wise men and women

have always visited Earth and given us rules for how to live to become whole humans. Simple ethical rules telling us that we must not lie, steal or kill our fellow human beings. Rules needed to prevent our societies from collapsing. Today their advice are almost totally forgotten, and the world is threatened by a final collapse, a third world war.

Also wars are caused by the simple fact that the rules are not followed. The dark forces use the false understanding of life that the mechanistic science teach at all universities. There we have to accept that only matter is real, all else is superstition. That understanding guarantees that our societies become purely materialistic, without ethical or spiritual values.

Our spiritual, living world is turning into a mechanical, dead world. We are turned into robots and come as close to death as possible while our heart is still beating in our breast.

Evil can be defeated . . .

. . . despite all resources at its disposal. Not with weapons or politics, but with truth itself. We must exchange the mechanistic science, based on matter, for a science based on consciousness.

It takes the support of an independent nation standing behind, a nation that has accepted the fact that life is of spiritual nature and that ethical and moral values ​​are fundamental to human harmony and well-being.

                                             Truth shall set us free

                       The Russian World Peace Project

           God placed a task for humanity to resolve, thereby qualifying us for higher spiritual education!


Several physicists . . .

. . .  are well aware of our science system was wrongly based on matter, instead of consciousness.

Theoretical Physicist, Professor Emeritus Amit Goswami, calls himself a Quantum Actvist. (X) Here is what he says:

"If ordinary people really knew that consciousness and not matter is the link that connects us with each other and the world, then their views about war and peace, environmental pollution, social justice, religous values, and all other human endeavors would change radically."