A  Journey in the Light

Modern mechanistic science has taught us that the sun is an extremely hot sphere of gases in which nuclear reactions generate light and heat. The sun (like all other stars) gives us all light in our world.

A very different picture emerges if we assume that light in its ground state is absolute, as it is in the emerging new world-view. The light is the absolute consciousness field beyond the material world, where no matter and no atoms exist. Thus, no nuclear reactions can take place there.

What we understand to be our sun is what we can see of the absolute from our position in the relative. From here, it looks like a limited form, a ball, but if we got into it, we would see that it is something else. The sun must be a giant bubble in the ether, an absolute void without any matter. At the same time, it must be unlimited in terms of the properties of consciousness, light, and energy. The sun is simply the absolute dimension that underlies the relative world. From our position in the universe, there seem to be a phenomenal number of suns scattered over immense distances of the universe. But in reality these converge into one. Seen from our perspective there are many, but from inside the sun there is only one!

The ancient civilizations which regarded the sun as a God seem to have had some correct understanding. Perhaps their mystery schools had knowledge of where the source of the intelligence and creative power was located.

Let's see what we could get out of a trip into the light. A good way to study the light closer must be to locate a photon, the smallest known unit of light. It's not so easy to find one because it is so small that it is hardly noticeable to the eye, and it moves with the speed of light, about 300,000 kilometers per second. So you have to be quite alert to catch one. But let's say that you have succeeded, and that you were able to make yourself both smaller than the photon and faster than light.
You have found a photon you plan to cling onto in order to check what's inside. You see right away when you get close that it is not a particle but a bubble, a bubble in the ether! It's a bubble of light.

And when you want to enter you notice that for getting in you must leave your body outside! Only your consciousness can get in there. Just when you get inside the next surprise is waiting you. You notice that your consciousness which has always been limited now suddenly flows out and instantly is everywhere. You are suddenly in an extremely bright world which absorbs you, which you become one with, and which includes everything.

It extends over the entire universe, a really cool experience. In an instant you realize that you indeed are inside the photon you stepped into, but also that you are inside the sun. And immediately you know that the sun and the photon actually is the same, they don't really exist as the objects that we see, but are pure consciousness, the ground state of the universe.
How can this be, you went into a little bubble and now you're suddenly inside the sun?                 You immediately get an explanation; you have moved out from the relative dimension into the absolute one. And in the absolute there is no distance. There is only one real light area. The innermost of the universe.

You are now a guest of the absolute, a guest of the cosmic consciousness - you are God's guest! You feel that this must be the ultimate reality. It is a condition-a state of mind-not a place.
You have gone from one dimension to another. And at the same time, you are told that it is possible to travel long distances anywhere in the relative by traveling via the absolute. Because in this dimension beyond the relative there is no distance! This method is used in the interplanetary world for long trips, you are told. In this way it is possible to visit planets thousands of light years away.

Strange, I am inside the sun and here is neither hot nor cold. How can this be, you ask, and find that you don't have time to form the question, before you already know the answer. Here is no temperature, nothing that has dimensions, weight or volume, or nothing that can be weighed or measured. Here are no gadgets, just light and consciousness, and you are absorbed by immense love and sense of security. You know that you now are in the absolute, the source of all creation, the infinite consciousness that created the entire universe, and you feel an intense feeling of happiness. In addition, you get hit by another of the properties of the universe, you yourself get a strong urge to start creating.

You notice that you don't have to ask any questions because all the answers already exist in you. You now have definite proof that there is only one source of all light in the universe, only one source of all consciousness, and only a single creative force that creates everything in the relative world. Now it is clear to you that your own consciousness, when living in the relative world, originates in this consciousness. It must come from here, because no other source of consciousness can exist. When you are in the relative it is filtered through your brain, it is limited by the brain and that's why you feel that you are a unique individual with your own sense of self and your own thoughts.