- Listen to me, you black Satan, I have a task for you.

God orders his repugnant collaborator up from hell.

- I am going to create a new world, which will be inhabited by people who will develop in my own image. I will provide them with a beautiful planet where they will grow in love and where they will be forced to develop their mind, their sense of judgment, their creativity and compassion. And I need your participation. Souls unwilling or unable to learn in spite of having hundreds of lifetimes at their disposal will be yours, at least for some time. I will give them a free will so I can't help those who cut their contact with me. All souls asking for my help will have it of course, but those you manage to dupe to work for you and who cut off the contact with the light, will have to suffer your satanic torments.

In the power field between the total light and your hellish darkness, the humans during thousands of years will grow towards perfection. What you and your black demons are thriving from, which brings you nourishment and delight, hate, suffering and death, will grind their human souls until they are beyond your reach. Only humans who have suffered develop compassion, only they understand and cultivate forgiveness. Before they can see clearly their eyes must have been rinsed by their tears. It's a tough road to walk but it's also the only one, there are no shortcuts.

Satan looks greedily satisfied

- OK, I know what you mean. I will send my most intelligent demons to become their leaders and make sure that they lie to people, create chaos, injustice, wars and destruction on the planet.

- But remember, the humans will have a lot of love which may destroy your demons. And in the end it will come to a final battle, a graduation test for the humans. Gradually they have awakened and can see who their leaders in power are. Now they understand who instigated all wars, which they never wanted, and who consciously created the misery in the world.

Your task is over the day the humans understand who you are.  How it will end I won't tell you, I'll keep that for myself.

- We will win, because we own the resources and we are in power. Your humans will not know who our people are because we are excellent in disguising and we are very good actors.

- But I also know your weaknesses. I know your psychopathic personality and your perverse wish to distort and disgrace the human's normal way of creating new life. You have no conscience. You are very insecure and scared of everything which is beyond your control. And your sadest weakness is that you need hate and pain to prosper, love destroys you.